Apps for iPhone, iPad and Macintosh


Moon Atlas, the popular lunar exploring app for iOS is now available through the Mac App Store. Moon Atlas for iOS has been a demo iOS app at Apple retail stores worldwide through most of 2011 and is featured in ‘Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies’ by Bob ‘Dr. Mac’ LeVitus.

Moon Atlas now available for Macintosh!

iOS Apps

Apollo Eagle../apolloeagle/index.html
Jupiter Atlas../jupiteratlas/index.html
Saturn Atlas../saturnatlas/index.html
Mars Atlas../marsatlas/index.html
Mercury Atlas../mercuryatlas/index.html
Moon Atlas../moonatlas/index.html
Venus Atlas../venusatlas/index.html
Zone Warrior../zonewarrior/index.html

Macintosh Apps

Moon Atlas../moonatlasmac/index.html
Mars Atlas../marsatlasmac/index.html