Apps for iPhone, iPad and Macintosh


All the apps listed below do not collect any personal data or offload any personal data from your device. Location Services are used in the atlases and Planisphere on the device optionally to assist in the accuracy of the calculations. No location data is offloaded from the device. As nothing is collected from the device, no third party has access to any data. No third party analytics is used in any of these apps.

Privacy Policy

iOS Apps

Apollo Eagle../apolloeagle/index.html
Jupiter Atlas../jupiteratlas/index.html
Saturn Atlas../saturnatlas/index.html
Mars Atlas../marsatlas/index.html
Mercury Atlas../mercuryatlas/index.html
Moon Atlas../moonatlas/index.html
Venus Atlas../venusatlas/index.html
Zone Warrior../zonewarrior/index.html

Macintosh Apps

Moon Atlas../moonatlasmac/index.html
Mars Atlas../marsatlasmac/index.html