Zone Warrior


Zone Warrior is a 3D space game using the accelerometer for directional control. Each level places you at a space station orbiting a planet in our Solar System which you have to defend, initially from space mines but later alien ships. If the space station is damaged you will have to perform a manual docking for which you get points. You have laser cannons and a small number missiles. You accumulate missiles as you go through the levels. If you need more fuel, fuel cells are available near the stations which you can collect by flying into them. At higher levels an interplanetary freighter will arrive which should also be defended. The aliens may also send one or more battleships in to support them, however these will withdraw if no other attacking aliens are present.


Flight control is done with the accelerometer and the best position is between flat and about 45 degrees facing up. Manual docking practice is available to familiarize you with the controls. When you pause the game you get the option to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer and wether to reverse the up/down and left/right movement. Descriptions of the controls is available in the 'About' option.


Defend the Solar System from alien attack!